Laws Regarding Workers Compensation

If you have been seriously hurt in a workplace accident, you may be wondering what exactly you can do to get your damages covered? It is important to know that the law regarding workers compensation. Here is what you need to know.

What is important to know about laws regarding workers compensation in Augusta?

I had a client call me last week who had injured his back working at Plant Vogtle in Waynesboro, Georgia. He asked me, “What is workers’ comp? What benefits does it allow?” If you’re reading this, you may be asking the same question. The state of Georgia allows income benefits, medical benefits, and an impairment rating for workers who are injured working in the scope of their employment. It also allows for lost wages for as long as a doctor says “no work,” or “light duty work,” and the employer cannot provide light duty.

Additionally, it allows for medical benefits with an authorized doctor for the type of medical treatment that the authorized doctor prescribes. These medical benefits can last up to eight years; if it’s a catastrophic injury, they can be lifetime medical benefits. Lastly, when a doctor has finished treatment and the claimant has permanent limitations, the doctor can then sign a permanent impairment rating. There are then calculations that are made to give a monetary award for that permanent impairment rating.

When you apply for workers’ compensation, you are essentially asking your employer to provide you with coverage for your medical bills, rehabilitation, and lost wages after you have been injured at work. You are granted these coverages so that you can get back to work after you have been treated for your injuries. Workers’ compensation is also given to surviving family members who have lost a loved one in a workplace accident.

Workers’ compensation can be there to help you out for a number of accidents. Typically workers’ compensation is used for people with very physical professions such as construction or industrial workers. You may also be eligible for workers’ compensation if you have been in an auto accident and your job involves driving. We see cases from employers who slipped and fell at work and hurt themselves during work hours. Essentially, if your injury took place in the working hours and at your place of work, then you will likely be eligible for workers’ compensation through your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance.

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