Choosing a Train Accident Lawyer

Are you or a loved one in the process of choosing a train accident lawyer in Augusta? Contact Nimmons Malchow Johnson Injury Lawyers today for a free consultation.

How do I select the best lawyer for my train accident case in Augusta?

I had a client who was recently injured as a result of train derailment chemical exposure, and they asked me how they should choose a good train derailment attorney. If you’re reading this, you may have similar questions. I’ll share with you what I shared with that client.

It all boils down to two qualities: experience and success. I recommend that you meet with a potential lawyer face to face and find out about that lawyer’s experience. Find out whether the lawyer has handled train derailment cases and whether he or she has a core practice that revolves around personal injury. Is that lawyer a trial lawyer? Do the railroad companies know that he will take the case to trial unless they offer a fair settlement? Does the lawyer run mock juries and focus groups to help present the case in a positive fashion if the case goes to trial? Does the lawyer have experience in hiring expert witnesses that have expertise involving train derailment issues?

Number two, look at the success of the lawyer. Look at the clients’ past reviews online. Look at whether the clients have had positive results, and whether others say positive things about the lawyer. Look at Google reviews, Avvo reviews, Facebook reviews. There are also lawyer-to-lawyer reviews online. Look and see whether other lawyer have given the lawyer high ratings. Sites that provide these reviews include Super Lawyer, Martindale-Hubbell, and 100 High Stakes Litigators. Look at those types of reviews and see whether lawyers respect that lawyer.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured in a train accident and have questions about choosing a train accident lawyer? Contact the experienced Augusta train accident lawyers at Nimmons Malchow Johnson Injury Lawyers today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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