Choosing a Construction Accident Attorney in Augusta

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How do I select the best attorney for my construction accident case?

I met with a client last week who was involved in a construction accident at a nuclear power plant outside of Waynesboro, Georgia. He asked me what factors he should look at when choosing a lawyer for a construction accident case. If you’re here, you may have that same question. I’ll tell you what I told that client.

Meet with the lawyer and look at the lawyer’s experience. Is the lawyer experienced in construction accident cases? Does the lawyer know the OSHA rules and regulations? Does the lawyer have the resources to hire expert witnesses that have specialties in regarding OSHA rules and regulations and the safety rules revolving around construction accident sites? Does the lawyer have the resources to conduct focus groups to help present the case to judges, juries, and insurance companies in a positive manner?

Lastly, look at online reviews of clients and lawyers for the particular lawyer you’re considering. What do past clients say about the lawyer? Look at Google reviews, Avvo reviews, and Facebook reviews, as well. Did the lawyer treat the clients with courtesy and professionalism? Did he get a good result? See what the clients are saying on these online reviews. Also, lawyers rank other lawyers in online reviews. Look at Super Lawyers, Best Lawyers, the Top 100 High Stakes Litigators. If the lawyer has these types of designations, that means he is a lawyer’s lawyer.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured in a construction accident and have questions about choosing an attorney?
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