Road Conditions Causing Accidents

When accidents happen on the road, we look to see why exactly they occurred. We want to know who caused this accident and how it could have been avoided. Sometimes, it is easy to tell why the accident happened; perhaps a driver was texting and crashed into someone stopped in front of them. Sometimes, however, when these accidents happen, it is no fault of the drivers. In fact, road conditions is a top cause of accidents. When the condition of a road is the cause of the accident, you may wonder how you are going to be able to get justice since there is no one to blame the accident on.

Accidents due to road conditions are not always a faultless incident. There were people involved in the design and construction of the road. There were people behind the decision of what the speed limit should be.

Let’s say an accident happened at a curve on a highway where someone clipped the person in the next lane and one of the vehicles rolled over during the accident. You might initially think that the entirety of the blame should fall on the person who clipped the other driver; however, if the lawyers were to find out during investigation that they were following the speed limit and had trouble handling the severity of the curve, even when going the speed limit, they may look to the road conditions. Sometimes, things are poorly designed and if the accident can be attributed to that, then the municipality would be at fault.

When curves are too sharp, lanes of traffic merge too abruptly, and so on, it is often not the fault of the people involved in the accident, but the roads themselves.

Furthermore, we see a lot of bicycle accidents happen when there are issues with the roads. Sometimes, bicycle lanes exist and, other times, they do not. This can be a contributing factor when you consider that the roads are often not designed with the safety of bicyclists in mind.

Potholes can also be a cause of accidents on the road. If there were giant holes in the road and people tried to swerve to avoid them but ended up in an accident because of that, there could be an argument that the road conditions were to blame.

We will pursue relief for you regardless of whether we believe that it is the fault of another driver on the road or the road conditions that have caused your accident.

The most important thing that you can do at this point, if you think that your accident was because of road conditions, is to give our office a call and set up a free consultation with our Augusta injury lawyers. You may be able to pursue justice for your case, even if you think you need to go up against the municipality responsible for road conditions.

Once we can prove who the at-fault party is, we will bring our claim and fight for your justice if you have serious injuries. Call our Augusta injury lawyers today for a free consultation.

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