Choosing a Federal Tort Claim Attorney

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How do you choose an attorney in Augusta for a Federal Tort Claim?

When trying to choose an attorney for a Federal Tort Claims Act, you should only hire lawyers that are admitted to practice in the federal court system. Just because you’re a lawyer in Georgia does not automatically mean that you’re admitted to practice in federal court. All the lawyers in our law firm are admitted to practice in federal court. We are admitted to practice in the northern district of Georgia, the middle district of Georgia, and the southern district of Georgia. We actively appear before the judges and magistrates in the federal court in Georgia. We have ongoing cases in the federal system at all times. as well.

It’s important to hire a lawyer that has experience in the federal court system. It’s important to hire lawyers that have had Federal Tort Claims Act cases. The US Attorney represents the federal government in these cases, and you want your attorney to have experience in dealing with the US Attorney. Our law firm has much experience in dealing with US Attorneys in the state of Georgia. Lastly, it’s important to hire lawyers who are trial lawyers and who, if the case cannot be settled, will present the case to a judge or to a jury.

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