Constructions Fatal Four

Anyone working on a construction site is taking risks with their wellbeing and life on a daily basis. Construction sites are one of the most dangerous places to be. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) names the following as the “Fatal Four” in construction accidents:

  1. Falling – A vast majority of fatal accidents happen because of falls. Workers on construction sites spend a considerable amount of time up on scaffolding, ladders, and roofs.
  2. Electrocution – Precautions are taken at most construction sites to avoid electrocutions, but they are still far too common. On a site, there are often exposed electrical systems and wires, as electricians are often working at the same time as construction workers, putting everyone at risk of harm.
  3. Being Struck by an Object – There is a lot of movement on a construction site and it can be a hazard for anyone when objects are not secured. Workers may be struck by falling objects or swinging objects. These can cause fatal accidents.
  4. Crushing Accidents – Fatal accidents with crushing injuries can include a building collapse, machinery getting stuck and crushing someone, or two objects crushing someone.

Every year, there is an attempt to make construction sites safer. OSHA, as well as state and local government entities, have made attempts to provide safer workplaces. There is still much to accomplish and far too many people ignore safety regulations. If you have been injured or believe that you are being asked to do something that does not follow safety regulations, please call our office.

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