Trucker Too Tired To Drive

Were you involved in a truck wreck and the trucker was too tired to drive? After watching this video, give our lawyers in Augusta a call to get started.

Does it matter if the trucker who hit my car in Augusta, GA was too tired to drive?

We represented a lady from Waynesboro, Georgia whose legs were badly damaged in a truck accident case. The truck driver told the state patrol he was too tired to drive, and our client asked us whether him being too tired to drive would have an effect on her case. If you’re reading this, you may have similar questions.

Under federal and state law, truck drivers in Georgia have restrictions on the number of hours they can drive in a day and in a week. These driving restrictions should be recorded in logbooks that are kept by the trucking company, but many times these truck drivers falsify these logbooks. Attorneys that are experienced in truck accident cases are able to analyze the logbooks and analyze the routes the truckers drive – where they drop their loads, where they buy their gas, where they buy their meals. The attorneys can then reconstruct the routes and prove that these truck drivers were driving over the amount of time and hours they’re allowed to drive under federal and state laws, and they can be punished. It can enhance the damages of a truck accident victim’s case. That’s why it’s important to find attorneys that are experienced in truck accident cases.

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