Deck Collapse at a Rental Home

When you rent a home, you expect the property to be safe. You go there for an event or a gathering and want to have a good and relaxed time. When things go awry and there’s a deck collapse, that can cause serious injuries and be very damaging. The injuries suffered in deck collapses can be life altering. Our injury lawyers want to help you get justice after negligence has led to you and your loved ones getting hurt. Call us today to get a free consultation.

The first thing that we look to find out is why this deck collapsed. Sometimes decks are not built properly and that would be the fault of the builders and whoever supervised that project. When decks are not structurally sound, they can collapse when there is normal wear and tear on the materials throughout different seasons. They can also collapse if there’s too much weight on them. It is up to the owners of the rental home to know whether or not their property is safe. In some cases, they may have already known that the deck was not sound enough for people but failed to give any warning; in other cases, they maybe should have done some work on it before you rented out the home but neglected to do so.

If this is the case for you and the property owner knew that the deck was potentially dangerous, then you could bring a case against them for negligence. It would be technically their fault the deck collapsed and you got hurt. Their negligence led to your injuries and therefore you are entitled to financial compensation. Our injury lawyers understand this process of the law and we want to help get you justice.

If the owner of the vacation rental home had knowledge that the deck was unsafe or was not finished being built or was aware of any number of things that would’ve made it dangerous for you to go on it but they did not tell you, they should be held liable for all of the damages you’ve had to suffer because of this incident.

When you seek justice for these types of cases, it’s going to come from this property owner if they are found to be liable for your damages and injuries. Their insurance company is going to be the one fulfilling your compensation. Our injury lawyers will use our resources and skill set to go up against the insurance company and ensure that you get the results that you are entitled to. We will negotiate with them and come up with a fair agreement.

You could have a number of damages after being involved in a deck collapse at a vacation rental home. They can be categorized into two types of damages: economic and non-economic damages.

If you have economic damages, that means that you suffered financially after the deck collapse. If you had to pay medical bills, including ambulance fees, follow-up doctor visits and physical therapy, all of these things can be considered an economic damage. Any money that you lost from having to miss time at work or find a job that’s lower paying but is more accessible for your injuries should also be included in your award.

If you have non-economic damages, that means that your life has been negatively affected by this deck collapse. If you have pain and suffering, for example, that is a non-economic damage. This category also includes a loss of quality of life. If you can’t do the same hobby as you did before or you are too injured to get out of bed, this is all non-economic loss for which you deserve financial compensation.

Our injury lawyers will fight to get you the justice that you deserve because we know that you are somebody who is really suffering right now and this is going to help you.

If you are unsure whether or not you have a case, the easiest way to find out is to call us and set up a free consultation. It’s best to find out that you don’t have a case but you tried to get one rather than always wonder whether or not you should’ve tried to file one. When you are entitled to justice, you get one shot at getting it. We don’t want you to wait around wondering when you can ask us during a free consultation.

When we sit down with you during your free, initial consultation, we get to know the case and the incident. We will help you determine what your legal rights are in this case and going forward. When you take us on as your lawyers, we would immediately get to the investigation portion of your case to start building a strong case for you.

Let us be your guide through every step of your case. You deserve to have someone fighting for you.

Give us a call as soon as you can if you are looking for representation to help you through the legal case after you have been seriously hurt by a negligent property owner at a vacation rental home. Our Augusta injury lawyers have the skills that you need to get the justice you deserve. Set up a free consultation today.

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