Personal Injury Deposition

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What is a deposition?


If a client’s case is in litigation, that means the lawsuit or workers’ compensation case has been filed and a hearing requested, and our client has most likely had their deposition taken. Depositions are taken by the other side to learn what our clients will say in court. We will send a letter to our clients giving them tips for their deposition, including sample questions that the other lawyer will ask. Depositions are conversations, under oath, with the other lawyer about our client’s case, and they are a way for the other lawyer to see what type of witness our client will make.

We meet with our clients before the deposition and rehearse the deposition. We ask mock questions like we’re the other lawyer. We let them know all the types of questions that will be asked. We put our clients at ease for depositions. Many times, the clients are so prepared by us before the deposition that the depositions themselves are a breeze. We do everything we can at Nimmons, Malchow and Johnson to prepare our clients so they can be successful in their deposition.


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