How a Warning Sign Affects Slip and Fall Claims

Are you wondering how a warning sign affects slip and fall claims in Augusta? Watch this educational video to find out. Contact our office today.

Does a warning sign affect my ability to recover slip and fall compensation?

I was called recently by a lady who was injured in a fall at a restaurant. There was a warning sign that was placed around the corner from the spot of her fall. If you’re reading this, you may have questions about the effect a warning sign might have on your case. I advised the lady that the warning sign may have some effect on her case, but she needed to consult and hire an experienced slip and fall lawyer to examine the issue in detail. If she was distracted or not able to see the warning sign due to the angle of the corner, then the warning sign may not have any effect. An experienced lawyer can write for video and request that the commercial establishment preserve evidence, such as witness statements and photographs.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured in a slip and fall accident and want to know how a warning sign might affect your case?

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