Choosing a Slip and Fall Attorney in Augusta

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How do I select the best attorney for my slip and fall case?

I met recently with a man who had broken his hip in a slip in a restaurant, and he asked me, “How do I select the best slip and fall attorney for my case?” If you’re reading this, you may have the same question. You should look for a slip and fall attorney who has experience in these types of cases. That lawyer should be a trial lawyer willing to take the case to trial if the insurance company does not act reasonably.

Ask the lawyer what his experience is. Ask the lawyer if he tries cases. Does he have a core focus on personal injury? Ask the lawyer if he has the resources to hire expert witnesses, such as engineers or building code specialists who will have special knowledge as to slip and fall cases. Lastly, ask the lawyer if he does focus groups of all cases going to trial.

Another important factor to consider in choosing a slip and fall attorney is customer and client reviews on the internet. Look at Google reviews, Avvo reviews, Facebook reviews. See if the clients are pleased. See if the clients state that the attorney worked hard and got a good result. See what the clients say about the attorney being aggressive but professional. Another type of review are lawyer-to-lawyer reviews, such as Super Lawyer, Best Lawyer, Martindale-Hubbell, Top 100 High Stakes Litigators. See if other lawyers have rated the lawyer at the highest ranking. You want to go to a lawyer that other lawyers hold at high regard.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured in a slip and fall accident and have questions about choosing a slip and fall attorney?

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