What Is Important To Know About Personal Injury Mediation

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What is important to understand about personal injury mediation in Augusta, GA?

Mediations in Georgia are a good thing. Our Superior Courts mandate that we have to have a mediation for a case that’s placed on the trial docket. Mediations occur when both sides believe that we know enough about the case to try to settle the case. A mediation is brought before a mediator who is a neutral party. They’re not supposed to be for our side or for the insurance company’s side; they’re supposed to be objective. Usually mediators are retired judges or experienced trial lawyers.

In a mediation, the plaintiff’s side goes first. We present our case to the mediator, then the insurance lawyer presents their case to the mediator. Then we go into separate rooms, and the mediator will bring ideas, arguments, and counterproposals between the sides into the different rooms and try to get the parties to come to common ground so that a settlement can be reached between the parties. Mediations are very good things for our clients.

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