Importance of Seeking Medical Attention After an Accident

If you have been seriously injured in an accident, you are likely feeling scared and confused. We know that this must be a very frightening time for you. Having an unexpected injury that could have been avoided is frustrating, to say the least. You might wonder what you should be doing now. Our Augusta injury lawyers want to emphasize how important it is that you get yourself in front of a doctor right away.

The Benefits of Seeking Medical Attention Immediately

There are a lot of obvious benefits to getting immediate medical attention. This is important for you to do because, of course, your injuries can worsen. If you made it out of your accident with mild to moderate injuries, you don’t want those injuries to get worse. That would mean that you might have a longer recovery process and more intensive treatment most likely. You want to start feeling better right away.

Not only are you going to seek medical care right away to prevent injuries from getting worse, you are also going to want to get medical care so that you know what your recovery period is going to look like. This will help not only you better understand what your recovery is going to look like, but us, as well.

When our Augusta injury lawyers can get a full understanding of your maximum medical recovery, we will be able to understand the value of your case. We need to know what you are going to need in terms of doctor visits, surgeries, follow-up care such as physical therapy, and so on. Once we know this, we can better understand how long you will be in recovery. This allows us to estimate your case value based on your medical bills and the amount of pain and suffering you will endure during the recovery process.

Sometimes your doctor will tell you that you are as healed as you will ever be and maybe you won’t ever return back to normal after your accident. If that is the case and you’re going to have lifelong suffering, this will impact your case value.

Consequences of Waiting to Seek Medical Care

The first thing you need to understand about how these cases work is that you will receive your compensation from the liable party’s insurance company. It won’t be up to the person who caused your accident to repay you for your damages— their insurance company is meant to absorb the cost. That is why they have insurance. Now, the second thing you need to understand about these cases is that, just because insurance companies are meant to absorb these costs, does not mean that they want to.

Insurance companies are notoriously greedy and they want nothing more than to reduce what they owe you in compensation. If you are pursuing money damages, you can just about expect that they are going to make it challenging for us to get what we believe to be fair.

One of the things that they look for that would allow them to argue against you is if you delayed getting yourself to the doctor, either the emergency room, urgent care center, or primary care physician right away. If they see in your medical records that there was a big gap in the time between your accident and when you finally got medical care, they can use two arguments:

  1. You lied about how badly you were hurt: If they say this, they can reduce the compensation that they owe you. They will say that your damages cannot possibly be as bad as you say they are and therefore you deserve less compensation.
  2. You lied about where you got your injury: If there is a significant amount of time between your accident and your first medical treatment, the insurance company will suggest that you got these injuries from some other accident that does not involve their insured. This would mean that, if they are successful with this accusation, they can throw out your case.

We fight these accusations to protect your rights. You deserve to have our Augusta injury lawyers by your side protecting you from the greedy insurance companies.

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Right after you are hurt, make sure you get immediate medical care, then contact us. We want to be able to protect your rights to full and fair compensation. We fight tirelessly to ensure that you get the results that you deserve. After you start your medical treatment with your doctor for your injuries, please call and set up a free consultation with our Augusta injury lawyers.

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