Common Mistakes After a Chemical Exposure Injury

Avoid these common mistakes after a chemical exposure injury in Augusta to make sure you are eligible to recover the full compensation you deserve.

What common mistakes should I avoid after a chemical exposure injury?

I have experience in handling chemical exposure cases for over 35 years. Some of the mistakes that I’ve seen clients make through the years include not seeking medical treatment, and not seeking medical treatment with specialists to help document the cause of the injuries or the problems they’ve developed as the result of these chemical exposures. Another serious mistake that I’ve seen clients make through the years is not hiring a trial lawyer that has experience in handling these cases, trial lawyers that have experience in trying cases and proving the injuries to property and to person, and hiring expert witnesses to prove the cause of the release and the injuries these chemicals caused to the body and to property.

If you’ve been injured or been exposed by a chemical release, please give us a call. We’d be happy to help you with cases in Georgia.

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