Common Injury Deposition Questions

Do you know want to know some of the common injury deposition questions are that could be asked in an injury claim? Watch this video to learn what you need to know.

What kind of questions are asked in a personal injury deposition?

At Nimmons, Malchow and Johnson, we begin deposition preparation with our clients by going over different types of questions that are asked in depositions. Take the typical car wreck case. The insurance lawyer will start out asking background questions. Where was the client born? Where did the client grow up? What type of schooling does the client have? Is the client married? Do they have children? What is the client’s work history? Then the other lawyer will get into medical histories. What type of prior physical problems did the client have? What type of underlying health conditions did the client have?

The third area the other lawyer will inquire about would be the accident itself. What happened? Where was the client going? Where had the client been? What happened in the accident? Then the lawyer will ask about how the injuries have affected the client’s life. What type of medical treatment has the client received? What kind of limitations and what kind of permanent limitations does the client have as a result of the injuries? That’s a general overview. In our deposition preparations, we get even more specific than that to ensure our clients are prepared.

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