Choosing a Forklift Accident Lawyer

Need help choosing a forklift accident lawyer in Augusta? Watch this video to learn what to look for in a lawyer, then give our attorneys a call.

How do I select the best forklift accident lawyer in Augusta, GA?

We’re representing a young man who was badly hurt in a forklift accident in a plant off Mike Padgett Highway. When we met with the client he asked, “How do I determine the best attorney for my forklift accident case?” If you’re reading this, you may be having similar questions. It’s important to find an attorney that has experience with workers’ compensation and third-party case. Workers’ compensation attorneys handle the lost wages, medical bills, and permanent impairment rating that the employee receives from their employer for their injury.

That same attorney needs to be experienced in examining whether there are other companies responsible for the injuries from that forklift accident, and that other companies cannot be affiliated with our client’s employer, because the employer cannot be sued for pain and suffering. The employee can receive workers’ comp benefits but not pain and suffering. Other companies that are responsible for the forklift accident can be sued for pain and suffering in superior court with no limitation on damages. Potential companies would include trucking companies, freight companies, companies that loaded a tractor trailer with product, other contractors at the plant that maintain the forklift, that charge the forklift, that are responsible for logistics and that are not directly related to the employer.

These issues can be very complicated about the interplay between workers’ comp and third-party cases for forklift accidents. If you have any questions about a forklift accident case, please feel free to give us a call. We’d be happy to help.

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