Choosing a Pedestrian Accident Attorney in Augusta

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How do I select the best attorney for my pedestrian accident case?

I had a pedestrian recently call me about being injured walking in the crosswalk going to the Convention Center, in Augusta, Georgia, on Reynolds Street. He wanted to know what he should look for when hiring an attorney. You may have the same questions, so I’ll give you the same tips that I told that client.

Number one, you should look for a lawyer that’s experienced in pedestrian accident cases. Go meet that lawyer. Sit down and talk with him. See what the lawyer’s experience is. Ask him if he handles pedestrian and personal injury cases. Does he have experience trying cases? What is that lawyer’s plan and timeline for the case? Ask if that lawyer has resources, such as accident reconstruction specialists and experts that can talk about field of view and visibility during dark pedestrian accident cases.

Lastly, go online and look at customer and lawyer reviews of that lawyer. Many clients leave reviews on Google, Avvo, and Facebook for lawyers. See what kind of ratings past clients have had. Did they have good results? Were the lawyers professional, prompt, and did they get good results? Also, there are lawyer-to-lawyer reviews you can review on various websites. Does the lawyer have Super Lawyer rankings, Martindale-Hubbell highest rankings, Best Lawyer in America rankings, or is that attorney named by High Stakes Litigator? It’s very important to get an experienced lawyer that has good reviews.

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