Safety Tips for Riding a Motorcycle in the Winter

Just because the weather is changing and winter is coming does not mean everyone is going to be putting away their motorcycles for the season. There are many people who enjoy riding their motorcycles throughout the entire year and we are here to help you do that safely. We encourage everyone who will be riding a motorcycle through the winter months to take extra precautions to keep themselves and everyone safe on the road.

Winter is a dangerous time to be driving for everyone on the road, not just motorcyclists. When everyone goes out of their way to be as safe as possible, then we can make the road a less dangerous place to be this winter. Please consider the following safety information from our Georgia motorcycle accident lawyers and get safety tips from the Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program.

Proper attire: three layer method

You should be using the three layer method for getting properly outfitted to ride your motorcycle this winter. Wearing something like a thermal that is skin tight can create a great layer for keeping warm and retaining body heat. The second layer you put on should be something that fits snug but still has some flexibility. Your third and final layer should be the coat you wear for riding that is there to protect you from a fall and to keep you warm.

Proper gear

You should check with the Georgia DOT to ensure that you are compliant with all of the riding gear that you are intending to utilize this winter season. Because of the low temps and higher chance of precipitation like snow, rain, and sleet, you should wear a helmet with full face protection to keep you warm and give you the best possible visibility. Your gear should also be waterproof.

Plan and prepare ahead of time

Know where you want to go, how you are going to get there, and when to leave. You don’t want to ride without planning as you could get stuck in terrible weather with very hazardous road conditions.

Check your motorcycle

When you decide to ride your bike in the winter, you need to ensure that it has been inspected and is road-safe. Things that you need to take extra care of are your battery, turn signals, indicator lights, tire pressure, and tires. Bald tires are huge safety hazards for winter weather conditions.

Stay alert

Be ready for anything on the road. Being on a motorcycle is extremely dangerous when the roads are icy. As you likely know, it is advised for you not to ride during snowfall, but sometimes things happen unexpectedly. Be prudent when you are in inclement weather. Take extra caution if there is snow or ice.

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