Golf Cart Accidents

There is a reason why children are not allowed to operate a car before a particular age and it is no wonder why children are involved in so many golf cart accidents every year. There are so many preventable accidents that happen every year involving children on golf carts. Children need supervision on golf carts, as they do not have the motor skills or judgement needed to safely drive them. Still, many parents who would not necessarily allow their child to ride a bike without a helmet allow their child to get on a golf cart without being supervised. It is a sad mistake to see happen when those children end up with serious injuries.

The American Journal of Preventive Medicine looked at a seventeen-year period and found that there were roughly 150,000 people in U.S. emergency rooms during that time for injuries related to golf cart accidents. The most common accident seen was people falling out of the golf cart. There are several reasons why golf carts are so dangerous without the proper supervision or operation:

  • There is typically a lack of restraints. Most golf carts do not even have seatbelts and that can put passengers at risk for serious injury if they fall out of the moving golf cart. This is a common reason why people get hurt and killed in these types of accidents.
  • There are no doors on a golf cart, which puts passengers at a higher risk of being thrown from the vehicle or falling out of it.
  • When alcohol or other substances are involved in the operation of a golf cart, these vehicles become even more dangerous. People tend to think that golf cart accidents are less severe than regular car accidents, but that is simply not true. You can still suffer fatal injuries from a golf cart accident.

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