How a Motorcycle Accident Claim Differs from a Car Accident Claim

Watch this video to learn how a motorcycle accident claim differs from a car accident claim in Augusta. Contact our office for more information.


How does a motorcycle accident claim differ from a car accident claim?


How a Motorcycle Accident Claim Differs from a Car Accident ClaimI talked to a man that was badly injured in a motorcycle vehicle accident on Mike Padgett Highway last week. One of the questions he had was how his case differs from his sister’s motor vehicle accident case. If you’re reading this, you may have the same question.

Many people think that motorcycles are dangerous.  If they’re involved in a collision, people often believe it’s the motorcycle driver’s fault. That is wrong. Motorcycle vehicle accident victims need an experienced trial lawyer who is well-versed in motorcycle vehicle accident cases and who can present a case to the insurance company in a way that lets the insurance company know that the rules of the road apply equally to motorcycles and vehicles. It’s the same rules of the road that govern who’s at fault, and motorcycle accident victims need experienced trial attorneys to make the case for them.

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