Can A Pre-Existing Condition Affect My Personal Injury Claim?

After being seriously injured in an accident, our clients often want to know, "Can a pre-existing condition affect my personal injury claim?"


Will a pre-existing condition affect my personal injury case?


Can A Pre-Existing Condition Affect My Personal Injury ClaimI met with a client last week who was involved in a bad car wreck in which they hurt their back. The issue was they had a preexisting back condition from twenty years earlier. The client asked me if the preexisting condition would affect their case. I told the client it would have some effect on the case, but they could recover for any aggravation or worsening of their condition as a result of the car wreck, and the client’s doctor could probably differentiate what was preexisting and what was caused by the wreck.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured due to someone else's negligence and have questions about pre-existing conditions affecting your personal injury claim?
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