Kids Are Getting Sick Because They’re Sharing Vapes

Kids Are Getting Sick Because They’re Sharing VapesAs the COVID-19 pandemic rips through our communities, we are trying to determine the ways the virus is spreading so we can control this. We have been contact tracing, limiting the people we see, businesses closing, wearing masks and staying six feet apart. Any reasonable person who did not want to catch this virus would do their best to avoid close contact with an individual outside of their household if they are unmasked. Teenagers who vape have been causing the virus to spread. They will trade vapes and mouth pieces to share. It is the exact opposite way to avoid getting sick. They have been careless in this regard that they are sharing their vapes with each other. Those who know that they don’t want to spread this virus would know that you shouldn’t even be so close to another unmasked individual let alone sharing something you put your mouth on. On top of the consequences of catching the novel coronavirus, they could catch the flu, a common cold, cold sores, etc.

The guidelines of avoiding the spread of the novel coronavirus paired with the efforts of trying to preserve any sense of normalcy we can, you should speak with your vaping teenager about the following:

  • Never share a vape, mouthpiece, or anything else that comes in contact with someone’s mucus membranes
  • Stay six feet away from others, especially if they are unmasked
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and warm water
  • Wear a mask when you are around others who do not live in your home

We hope everyone is able to stay safe during this pandemic and it is unfortunate that kids have been playing it fast and loose with the CDC guidelines. We hope parents are able to get through to vaping teens that they are not indestructible and that their actions could affect more people than they will likely ever know.

A concern among parents with vaping teens during this pandemic includes the worry that their unhealthy habit is going to make them more susceptible to getting sick or for having a worse time if they do get sick.

While there aren’t enough studies to definitely determine the health impact of vaping, it is suggested that vaping leads to a lowered immune system which could lead someone to be more likely to fall ill with the novel coronavirus if they are exposed to it. There is not much medical research to determine whether or not a vaping teen is going to have a more severe case of the novel coronavirus.

If you are hoping to support your teen as they quit vaping, it is good to speak with a physician for support and tips. Again, it is important for these teenagers to know that there is nothing to medically prove that vapes are safe. These teenagers are acting as guinea pigs to a product that has no research on long term use paired with the added danger of them sharing these vapes with friends during a global pandemic.

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