Choosing a Truck Accident Attorney in Augusta

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How do I select the best Augusta attorney for my truck accident case?


Choosing a Truck Accident AttorneyI met with a nice couple from Waynesboro, Georgia last week who were involved in a bad commercial trucking accident case. The wreck happened on Highway 25 going into Waynesboro, Georgia. The couple asked me how to pick the best commercial trucking accident attorney. If you’re reading this, you may have the same question.

The first thing I told the couple was to look at the lawyer’s experience. Is the lawyer’s practice devoted to automobile and trucking cases; is that the core focus of their practice? How long has the lawyer been practicing? Do other lawyers refer him cases? What is the lawyer’s game plan for the case? What is the lawyer’s time frame for the case? Does the lawyer have resources to hire trucking experts, trucking accident reconstruction experts? Is the lawyer experienced in the federal safety rules involving trucks? Is that lawyer a trial lawyer? Does the lawyer have experience with the different trucking insurance companies?

The last thing I told this couple was to look at the lawyer’s online reviews. What do past clients say about the lawyer? Has the lawyer handled trucking cases for the clients? Look at the Google reviews of past clients. Look at Avvo ratings. Look at the Facebook ratings and see whether the lawyer has gotten good results for those clients. Lastly, there are lawyer-to-lawyer reviews, where lawyers rate other lawyers – Super Lawyer, Best Lawyer and 100 High Stakes Litigators.

In summary, look at a lawyer’s experience and look at their online reviews. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call. We’d be happy to help.

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