Using Candles Safely

There is a definite increase in candle usage within the holiday months. People are gifted candles for the holidays, light them for parties, light them on the menorah, and so on. While they add cozy holiday flair, they are also one of the leading causes of house fires. Around 70% of house fires in the month of December are because of candles that were not used safely and/or were unattended.

Using Candles SafelyWhile it may seem like you can light it anywhere and leave it because you think it couldn’t possibly be knocked over or catch anything else on fire, you always need to be taking precautions.

When you are deciding where to put candles, you should never put them under or next to anything that could be flammable. Do not place them near your curtains or near a stack of books or right by your bedding. All it takes to start a house fire is one good breeze to light the books up or one excited dog knocking the candle onto the bed. These incidents happen quicker than you would think and may be irreversible should they result in a house fire.

Make sure your candles have somewhere to drip wax. You want reliable candleholders. While there are some cute and trendy decorative candleholders, you don’t want anything that could catch fire itself. It is better to be practical and safe than to be trendy and suffer serious injury from a house fire and have to deal with the property damage that comes with that.

Never ever go to sleep or walk out of the house without blowing out your candles. A lot of the times when candles cause house fires, it was because something caught fire while no one was watching and it could not be put out right away. Big, destructive events that are preventable are the hardest ones to see happen. Be smart and never leave your candles unattended.

Not only are you risking causing a house fire, you are also putting your and your family’s wellbeing at risk if a fire were to break out. The types of injuries we see in cases where there was a house fire started by candles can vary from minor to severe. The severe instances of burn injuries can be life-altering.

We encourage you to do your due diligence when you are lighting candles to minimize the risk of house fires and injuries so you and everyone else in your home can safely enjoy candles through the holiday season and beyond.

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