Doublewides on the Highway

Doublewides on the HighwayIt’s not every day that you see a doublewide trailer being transported on the highway. If you are ever stuck in traffic behind a doublewide, you might wonder what to do. Some people will have a desire to blow right past it and get around it as soon as possible. That is not going to be the safest thing that you can do. You might even notice that a truck accompanies the doublewide during the moving process. It is not uncommon to see that happen as it offers a sign of warning as well as a buffer of road space between the traffic and the heavy load.

As with anything you do on the road, do it with caution. Driving near a doublewide should not be all that much different than if you were to be driving next to a semi-truck.

  1. Proceed with caution.
  2. Give them a good amount of space on the highway to allow a buffer if they need to stop or slow down so you don’t end up rear ending them.
  3. If you are going to pass them, do not try to zip around them.
  4. Assume that they cannot see you and give them space as you move past them.
  5. If you are too worried to drive with them, pull of the road and find an alternate route.

It is not worth your wellbeing to make foolish mistakes simply because you see something on the road that maybe you have never seen before. You can safely move around them on the highway, in most cases, if there are multiple lanes. If you are really being slowed down by the process, you can try to find a route that is not on the same highway.

If you are ever involved in an accident involving the moving of a doublewide and you have suffered serious injury, our Georgia injury lawyers want to talk to you right away to see what your rights are.

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